Aromatherapy Shower Melts

Hey friends!

I hope you’re having an incredible Monday and an even better 4th of July! Today’s post is on these awesome aromatherapy shower melts using essential oils.

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For me, when I meet people who are passionate about the same things that I’m passionate about, I get excited. It fuels my fire and gets my creative juices flowing! This past week, I made a new friend who is super into essential oils, and I found out that a few of my other friends are interested in them too. We got to talking about how awesome essential oils are and I was inspired to craft up a few things. One of those things is these shower melts! Once you make up a batch, you place one on the floor (or in the corner) of your shower and the steam melts the shower bombs, releasing some amazing scents, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed!

This recipe makes about 8 shower melts (depending on the size of your mold). I made 3 different batches of aromatherapy shower melts: lavender, grapefruit, and lemon & spearmint.

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  • 2/3 c. cornstarch
  • a bowl of water
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil
  • 5-10 drops of food coloring (optional)

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Put 2/3 cups of cornstarch to a bowl. Add 5-10 drops of essential oils to your cornstarch and mix. For my aromatherapy shower melts, I used 10 drops of lavender for one batch, 10 drops of grapefruit for another, and 5 drops of lemon and 5 drops of spearmint for the last. Once you’ve mixed your essential oil and cornstarch mix, add 5-10 drops of food coloring (if you desire) and mix again. You won’t notice a change in color until the next step.

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Slowly begin to add water to the corn starch mixtures, mixing as you add more. I started with 2-3 tablespoons and continued to add water in smaller increments until I got a smooth but thick consistency. It should seem like an almost solid/thick liquid, if that makes sense. You’ll see what I’m talking about as you begin to get a smoother consistency!

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Once your shower melt mixture is smooth, begin to scoop your mixture into a mold. I used a silicone tray as my mold, but I’m sure an ice cube tray would work well too. It will definitely take some getting used to when beginning to scoop/pour the mixture into the mold. Once in the molds, place your shower melts in the freezer for about an hour.

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The shower melts should come out of the mold with hardly any effort. Store in an air tight container in the freezer until ready to use.

Feel free to get creative with the essential oil blends you use for your shower melts – that’s the most exciting part! Make up a batch or two of these and let me know what blends you decide to use for your aromatherapy shower melts!